My first born.

first cuddles with mumma

My laughter and my pride.

four year old cheeky monkey

Already such a blessing, teaching me about myself, reflecting my good and my bad points every day.

For a long time LittleBee was a pink princess.  Everything that was pink and sparkly was her favourite. She loved dresses, and dressing up, and being a princess, and long swishy skirts.  As the years have gone by (nearly 9 of them) she has started to change her likes.  Purples and blues tend to feature more now.  Dress ups, and girly dresses are still in order of course.  Once a princess, always a princess perhaps?

dressing up is our favourite thing to do

I love having the opportunity to teach LittleBee at home.  She's in grade 3 this year, and is doing some grade 4 subjects too.

LittleBee simply adores reading, making up plays and stories (not so much writing them down) and loves to sing, dance and be around her favourite people.

I'm really nearly 9

One thing is certain, LittleBee makes us all smile.

giggle pots

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