Monday, September 23, 2013

movie night - because now she's 10

Last week we entered a new realm of our lives.  Our first born turned 10.  Our once tiny little baby has clocked over into double digits, making us feel just that little bit more old than we did the week before.  

We also entered a new realm of parenting.  The First Sleep Over Party!  A house full of giggling girls, with lots of mattresses to bounce on, and some sugar to burn off made for a late, but very fun night!  Here's a glimpse into our festivities, celebrating our LittleBee's 10th birthday.

With some bed sheets, fairy lights and a little imagination, we turned the lounge room into a cinema, with a message board to direct the giggling girls inside.

Setting up the movie room was a lot of fun.  Inside, the girls had access to their own private candy bar, drinks in jars, popcorn, a blankie pile and a nail salon basket.

And these cute little "popcorn" cupcakes.

Dinner was a "build your own baked potato" bar.  The dining table was lined with an array of toppings for the girls to add to their spuds.  How cute are these little heart signs?

After dinner, and some amazing face painting (thanks Krissy), it was onsie time!

Mrs Fox and Mr Badger came to visit...

how cute are we!

And no party is complete without a baked caramel cheesecake, right?  Yes, you read correctly! LittleBee loves caramel and loves cheesecake, so after a little Pinterest searching, I found a recipe for this amazing cake.  The only thing that was missing was the caramel sauce that normally would be poured over the cake, but I'd run out of steam by the time it was ready to serve the cake.  A little grated chocolate served quite nicely in its stead.

The mattresses came out, and the girls settled in for more movie time.  Even little Basil got a bit snuggly!

Ok, so while I was preparing for the party, I reminisced a fair bit about sleepovers that I attended growing up.  I was generally reminded about how little sleep we got as we watched movies all night, then stayed up even later watching music videos.  When I left the girls at around 12:30am, they were all snuggly and toasty in their beds.  So I thought that they would get to sleep relatively quickly!  How wrong I was.  From my recollection, I think the last of the squealing ended around 3am!  And the first sign of chattering reoccured at around 6:30am.  Even so, by the time pancakes were cooked and served, each little lady was sitting at the table ready for the special breakfast!

Although they enjoyed being awake, some still needed to hide out a little longer in their onsies...

Me on the other hand, after about 4 hours sleep myself, sat on the couch trying to rejuvenate myself with a hot cuppa.

What a ride!  It was so much fun creating this special night for LittleBee and I know she had a great time with her friends.  Happy Birthday our Little Lady!

... and thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!

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