Friday, August 2, 2013

better the second time around?

LittleBee was 3 years old when she was first introduced to Barbie on the small screen.  "Barbie in Nutcracker" was the first movie she saw and she was so mesmerised by seeing this magical dancing Princess come to life on the screen, albeit a little scared of the King Rat.  And for a long time following we were thrown into the deep end as the Barbie Movie Making Factory went into overdrive, spitting out story after story after magical story.

You probably could ask her which one was her favourite, and I think I might be able to say with some assurance, that Rosella is still number 1.  When LittleBee turned 5 we celebrated her birthday with a Barbie as the Island Princess party.  That was a lot of fun, and for quite a while Ro was all that she would talk about, watch, dance or act out.  For a while, LittleBee WAS Rosella.

As LittleBee went from toddler to preschooler to school girl, we watched her either watching a princess/fairy movie or we were subjected to a princess/fairy reenactment.  And as cute and endearing as our little Princess was, there came a time when the Barbie movies were met with painful groans from us parents, because, let's face it, there's only so much plastic magic these big people can take!  

But all little girls grow up, and (sadly?) LittleBee's imagination began to grasp new stories, as Barbies, fairies and princesses were replaced with adventure stories, mystery and suspense.

That still leaves us, the adults, with an ingrained memory for the movies we endured for all those years.  All those songs, and dances, corny one liners and happily ever afters are stuck in our heads (argh).

Then along comes LadyBug... and now that she is three, and has awoken the once dormant pretty in pink stories of Barbie in her fantasy worlds.  It's like the classic princess story that ends with a handsome Prince breaking the spell.  LadyBug has stirred up the plastic Princess, and she has once again become an ever sparkly presence in our lives.

But this time it's a little different.  Not only do we have the "old" (say, from 2001) movies we were forced to become accustomed to, but 12 years on and Barbie has not stopped releasing new stories.  When I say new stories, really I mean remakes of old stories.  Just what's needed to rake in a whole new generation of Barbie loving tots.  

Tonight we sat down together and watched the latest instalment, Barbie in the Pink Shoes.

As we watched I observed a preschooler being entertained by the graceful story of brave and heroic dancer... and a big sister complaining about how all the new barbie movies are just stupid, because they are just making the same stories over and over again.  But that quickly turned into said preschooler being bored out of her brains, and the big girl sitting there just enthralled as the story unravelled.

I think secretly LittleBee is really enjoying reliving the tales as her little sister becomes acquainted with these beautiful dancing, singing, fairy, princess, sparkling Barbies.  (I know this for certain, as LittleBee has been ballet dancing all over the house since the movie finished!)

So are they any better the second time around?  Depends on who you ask I suppose.  For me, it's kind of fun to see a new common bond between these two girls of mine, especially as they are 6 years apart in age.  The story lines never change, but it's seeing them through new eyes that makes it a little more bearable!

Here's the full list of Barbie films to date.... do you have a favourite? Barbie Movies

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