Wednesday, July 31, 2013

bedtime stories

A little while ago I decided to start reading to the girls at bedtime.  We've never really had "bedtime" stories before, and LadyBug was just starting to get excited about stories.  After reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" for the 87th night in a row, I knew that it was time to make a change!

So began the nightly ritual of "story time!"

And tonight, we just finished reading Old Yeller.

You know the story about a boy and his loyal dog?  These stories don't even end out too well.  Just about every story or movie that has a kid and an animal is going to be a tear jerker.

And look, I know I'm not giving too much away, when the ending is spelled out there on the first page.


Thankfully, LittleBee hadn't registered that the ending was given away at the start of the book, so she was oblivious to the crux of storyline the whole way through.  Me on the other hand, I had my heart in my throat whilst turning every page, just waiting for it all to fall to pieces.

LadyBug snoozed through most of it (I must have the best "toddler-put-to-sleeperer" voice ever!)

It was a wonderful story really, full of adventure and excitement.  LittleBee wants to read more of their adventures, so I have researched two more books by Fred Gipson which follow on from where Old Yeller finishes.  Now to see if we can get our hands on a copy.

But tomorrow night, we just might start on The Never-ending Story.

What are some of your favourite childhood stories?

Monday, July 29, 2013

back to reality

How do you know when reality is in full swing again?

It's been five days since we touched down in Melbourne again after being away for two weeks.

And as I stand in the kitchen I realise that the holiday is officially over!

We have just been on an amazing two week adventure/holiday together to visit dear friends in Thailand.  It was such a wonderful time together, in a place none of us had visited before.... or dare say even dreamed that we could get there.  Through the actions of very generous friends and family, we were able to take a break from our "reality" and get away for some time together. 

We stayed with our friends, and lived life with them for a while, watching our combined six children enjoy each other's company (most of the time).  

We stayed at a bed and breakfast, where friendly faces greeted us every morning, our laundry was done, and a hot breakfast cooked for us if we wanted.

We ate out at the market almost every night, enjoying the locally grown and prepared meals.

We just lounged around by the pool if we wanted to, or took a nap.

We survived the heat, we survived the humidity, we survived the long and somewhat gruelling flights with our two princesses.

We made memories.

And now we are home.  Home sweet home.

How do you know reality is in full swing again?  When there's no longer someone asking if you want your room cleaned.  When the laundry floor is filled with dirty laundry, especially after a little princess wets your bed.  When the pleading eyes of pets look up at you longingly asking for your attention.  When the dirty dishes on the counter top outnumber the clean ones in the cupboards.

Home.  Back to reality.

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