Saturday, October 27, 2012

the rainbow that could not stay

You know, the reality is that rainbows just don't last forever. We can only capture their beauty in images, as only a memory.

A few weeks ago, so we can only estimate, our precious rainbow baby passed quietly away. I did not know it had happened. The only sign was that there was no heartbeat at our recent ultrasound. No movement, no sounds. Just stillness.

The blue skies are fading.... there is only the familiar darkness.

The are no words.... only tears. Streams and streams of tears.

And questions that will forever go unanswered.

Now I sit with my head in my hands, the heaviest of burdens once again placed upon my shoulders and deep within my heart. Still questioning... Why? How? Why me? Why us? Why again?

This just isn't supposed to happen. Not ever. Not ever once, and certainly not ever twice.

Tonight my husband and I will go into the local hospital and prepare to deliver our tiny little baby....

The rainbow that could not stay.


  1. This rainbow out of all that have ever existed, was so well prayed for, loved, hoped for by so very many. I am so very sorry my beautiful friends. So inexpressibly sorry for your loss. ((((hugs)))). You are so should never ever happen. xoxo

  2. I just can't imagine what you're going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May God be your strength through this difficult time.

    Love Mariquita

  3. hugs and more hugs. I am so very sorry.


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